Ever needed Help while you were alone?

Wouldn't you feel safer if you had your own personal BODI-GARD?

The BODI-GARD is a wireless personal security system that you can wear as a pendant, on a wrist strap, or carry on your keychain. With just a push of a button your emergency signal is received at our 24-hr monitored central station. Your location is immediately known and the proper authorities or emergency contacts are notified.


A great option for renters especially women or college students living alone. The BODI-GARD system is a simple free-installation, and can easily move with you if you change apartments.

The BODI-GARD is also ideal for:
The elderly or their caregivers
Hotel cleaning staff
Spa staff
Doormen & Maintenance staff
Nanny's and Daycare providers- Get the extra peace of mind knowing your Nanny can immediately notify the authorities in the event of an emergency

The BODI-GARD can also detect smoke and carbon monoxide conditions with additional wireless components.

For more information please contact us at info@bodi-gard.com


Protecting Life & Property  since 1945