Imported  CHIC STYLISH MULTI FLOWER NECKLACE AND EARRING SET Lobster claw clasp Patina.Multi FBJ Chic Stylish Multi Flower Necklace And...
$23.00 $11.50
Imported  OVAL SHAPE LOCKET METAL NECKLACE Gold.Silver FBJ Oval Shape Locket Metal Necklace Size:18"
$20.00 $10.00
Imported  I HEART MOM CHARM NECKLACE  Multi.Rhodium FBJ I Heart Mom Charm Necklace Size:18"
$20.00 $10.00
Imported  MOM DAUGHTER HEART ROUND CHARM NECKLACE Gold.White Gold FBJ Mom Daughter Heart Round Charm Necklace Size:18"
$15.00 $7.50
Imported  MOTHER DAUGHTER PENDANT NECKLACE Gold.White Gold FBJ Mother Daughter Pendant Necklace Size:18"
$12.00 $6.00
Imported  TROPICAL LEAF PENDANT TASSEL NECKLACE Natural.Grey FBJ Tropical Leaf Pendant Tassel Necklace Size:30"
$29.00 $14.50
Imported  PEARL AND METALLIC BEADS CHUNKY NECKLACE SIZE SCALE : ONE SIZE Cream FBJ Pearl And Metallic Beads Chunky Necklace...
$109.00 $54.50
Imported  FANCY STONE CHOKER NECKLACE AND EARRING SET  Fish hook.  Lobster claw clasp Black.Clear FBJ Fancy Stone Choker Necklace And...
$125.00 $62.50
Imported  MULTI PEARL CHOKER NECKLACE Lobster claw clasp Cream FBJ Multi Pearl Choker Necklace Size:"
$40.00 $20.00
Imported  PEARL WITH FLOWER NECKLACE AND EARRING SET  Fish hook.  Lobster claw clasp Black.Ivory FBJ Pearl With Flower Necklace And Earring...
$90.00 $45.00
Imported  COLOR BLOCK PEARL CHUNKY NECKLACE AND EARRING SET Fish hook.  Lobster claw clasp Cream.Black.Gold.Grey.Blue.Burgundy.White.Wood.Silver FBJ Color Block Pearl Chunky...
$45.00 $22.50
Imported  HAMMERED CIRCLE HEART SHAPE PENDANT SUEDE NECKLACE Gold FBJ Hammered Circle Heart Shape Pendant Suede Necklace Size:30"
$25.00 $12.50
Imported  BE BRAVE ENGRAVED CHARM METAL NECKLACE Rhodium  FBJ Be Brave Engraved Charm Metal Necklace Size:18"
ImportedSize:8" LongGray.Pink.Black.White.Nude.Fuchsia LB24-01 Marquise Shape Crystal Detailing Tie Up Choker Necklace Size:8" Long
$4.00 $1.00
Imported  TRIPLE FASHION ANTIC PENDANT NECKLACE Lobster claw clasp Gold FBJ Triple Fashion Antic Pendant Necklace Size:16"
$23.00 $11.50
Imported  HAMMERED POINTED OVAL TEARDROP PENDANT BEADED NECKLACE Turquoise  FBJ Hammered Pointed Oval Teardrop Pendant Beaded Necklace Size:20"
$35.00 $17.50